Welcome to the Renewals Department!


  • A copy of the renewal is sent out as soon as we receive it
  • For CareFirst groups, we will also mail a copy directly to your groups
  • If you have not received a renewal, please contact us ASAP
  • Renewal Submission
  • Signed renewals must include Renewal turn-in coversheet
  • Submit all signed renewal rate sheets to: renewals@potomacbasin.com

Deadline Dates:

  • Deadlines are posted on the PBG website
  • Post deadline submissions
  • An exception will be requested on your behalf
  • We can not guarantee a carrier will accept a benefit change
  • CareFirst specific changes
  • Benefit changes always have to be made prior to deadline
  • Our CareFirst deadline cut off on deadline day is by 3pm

For further information, please contact Ann McDermott at 301.458.2147 or by email at Ann.McDermott@potomacbasin.com